Terry Reed

Terry Reed is the author of  Living and Living Life Through the Lord's Prayer (November 2016) She believes she and her husband have picked the best place on earth to live: Mount Pleasant, SC, where she lives close to 2 of their 3 children and their 4 grandkids.  She feels very blessed to have most of them close. 

Because of past personal experience, Terry is passionate about helping to restore hope in married couples through Christ Jesus.  Alongside her husband, she leads in a marriage ministry called Re/Engage at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant.  As part of Re/Engage they share their testimony and their hearts with other couples who want to reconnect, reignite, or resurrect their relationship.  She says there is little better than having a front row seat to watch God change and restore broken marriages, which in turn restores families and changes communities.  Her future plans are to write and share how God resurrected her own very broken marriage.  Stay tuned.  This one may take a while!

Living and Loving Life Through the Lord's Prayer 

Terry Reed unravels for us each line of The Lord's Prayer and brings it alive for the reader. Each phrase takes on new meaning meant to give power, new life, and joy to all who hear Jesus's words. You will never again look at The Lord's Prayer the same way.