Marketing Packages 

Writing your book is only the first step to success. Marketing your book is what will get it into the hands of your readers.

Book Launch Plan - $500

Publishing a book is the first step to getting it into the hands of your readers. Without adequate marketing targeted to your specific audience, they may never hear of it! The Book Launch package will help you focus your efforts where your readers are looking for you and set you up for successful selling.

Book signing / author appearance scheduling - $649

With this package, we will schedule and arrange all the details for three author appearances / book signings. We will work with you to get an idea of the types of venues you would like to be at and then arrange all the details so you don't have to. 

Email Marketing / Newsletters - $199 / month

Email is still the best way to get in front of your readers. With this package we will use tried and true methods to grow your email list with subscribers that opt-in. We will design and send your author newsletter every month using original content. Watch your readers and your sales grow each month through email marketing.

Amazon Advertising - $99 per month (not including the cost of ads)

We will manage your amazon advertising each month with ads that will reach your readers. 

Goodreads Giveaways / Book Giveaway contest - $199 

Book giveaways is a great way to build reviews. We will run a contest for you to give away up to 20 books and then ship the books to the winners for you. You don't have to lift a finger. 

Book Swag / Marketing materials - $99 (not including the cost of the materials)

Have a book signing or speaking event coming up? We will professionally design and order your book swag or marketing materials such as flyers or bookmarks and have them shipped to you in time for the event. 

Blog / Content writing - $49 per post

Have a blog or need material for your newsletter but so busy writing your books you don't have time to produce it? We can help you out.

Website Design - $1299 3-5 pages including a blog page

Do you need an author website? Allow us to help you out! We will design a mobile-responsive, search engine optimized, 3-5 page website including a blog page that will align with your brand and genre. (If you would like to add a shop to your website that is an additional cost.)

Social Media Marketing  -  $199 per month (not including the cost of ads)

We will design and schedule your social media posts and ads on 1 platform for you, based on the best platform for your genre.

Each additional platform - $49 per month

Adding 4 organic posts per month - $49 per month (per platform)

We're here to help you effectively and successfully market your books. Each package listed can be customized to fit your audience, genre and move you toward your sales goals.

How can we help you market your book today?