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Business owners: Want to Grow Your Business? Publish a Book.

As a business owner, you know it's becoming increasingly difficult to get your message heard these days.

You're doing all the right things: you have a mobile-responsive website with a modern, easy-to-navigate theme, your social media platforms are up-to-date and regularly populated with new content, and you are constantly asking for reviews on both your Google business listing and your Facebook page. Yet, you still feel like your voice is being drowned in the gaggle of entrepreneurs all trying to do the same thing: Stand out in the Crowd.

There is an option that can set you apart. It certainly isn't an easy one, but when has anything ever been easy about owning and operating your own business?

Ready? You need to write a book.

Here's why:

1. Publishing a book establishes your credibility, expertise and authority in your industry.

Books are held in very high esteem. People respect the time and effort it takes to write and produce a good book. A book allows you to craft your message in order to highlight your successes and the path of diligent hard work you took to get there. Not only will your readers get an insiders' perspective on the quality of your service or the product you are selling, but the integrity with which you go about your work. A book gives you an opportunity, for example, to lay out the company culture you've cultivated that has led to the stellar customer service and standard of excellence you've been able to achieve.

Your book is your place to shine and a place to establish yourself as a thought-leader.

2. A book helps your business to clarify your brand.

Marketing is hard. Think how hard companies work to put forth a certain image. Massive amounts of time, money, and brain power from some of the smartest marketing brains in the world work to create an image for their company. Even after all that, the message they’ve worked to convey is sometimes lost on today's crazy-distracted customer. A book provides you the vehicle to dictate your brand's narrative in a way you can control.

3. A book is one of the only marketing pieces for which you can charge.

A book can benefit any business. Whether you're a consultant or coach, or have a product or service to sell, a well written and well marketed book will garner attention. Members of all types of media will be interested in talking to you about your book and they will have excellent content to use in their articles: your exact words in quotes directly taken from the book.

Attention can come from industry insiders who have read your book and have invited you to keynote their next conference or be a member of the next panel. It can also come in the form of friends and acquaintances that didn't necessarily understand what you did before, but now, thanks to your book are considering becoming your next client. Either way, attention leads to business growth and business growth leads to added income.

Bonus Reason:

4. Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment.

Writing and publishing an entire book is a commitment most people talk about but few ever do. A book is something tangible that will outlast you. It's something that will speak to your personal philosophies in both business and in life. It will attest to the experience you gathered in your years of hard work and your penchant for harnessing the power of opportunities that come your way. You owe it yourself to leave that legacy. We'd love to help you do it.

What are you waiting for?

Relevant Pages Press offers ghostwriting, editorial, publishing and marketing services to make your road to publication as easy as possible. Reach out to us. We'd love to schedule a call to talk about the book you have inside you.

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