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Ghost Writing vs Developing Your Writing Skills

So, you have decided to finally write that book. Woohoo! While the dream on your heart is demanding to become a reality, I know you have a ton of questions about how to actually do it. I’m here to help. (So is everyone else at Relevant Pages Press, by the way!)

Once you have decided that yes, you do in fact want to write a book, one decision you will need to make is whether to hire a ghost writer or write your book yourself.

A ghost writer is someone who listens to you tell your story or share your teaching/wisdom through a series of interviews. They will then write your book using the information you provide and language suitable to your target audience and genre. This type of writing is beneficial for busy professionals who want to put out a book but do not have the time to do so, and those who have a story to tell but do not have the necessary writing skills and do not wish to take the time to develop those skills.

Ghost writing is a labor-intensive process and that takes time to complete as most sought-after ghost writers have more than one project going at a time. Their costs as a result will be significantly higher than writing your book yourself; they are taking on all of the work and usually receive none of the royalties from the sale of your book. If you are interested in Ghost Writing, we offer it here at RPP. You can submit your request HERE.

If you prefer to write your book yourself, the very first thing you must do is to assess your writing skills. Writing a book is significantly more work than writing a college essay or blog post. The average size of a book is roughly 60k words (this number rises and falls based on your target audience and genre). That’s a lot of words, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structuring to deal with, not to mention the character, plot, conflict and concept development. Whether or not you have written in a while here are a few things you should consider before you jump in to writing that book:

Join a Writer’s Critique Group. These groups are designed to help you refine your writing skills through the sharing of what you write. The point is to collaboratively read each other’s work, evaluate it, and share constrictive criticism to help everyone grow in their writing. Ideally you want one hosted by a skilled writer. They are usually free, but may have a small enrollment fee. You can Google “Writing Critique Groups” (be sure to add your location) to start.

Enroll in a Writing Course or Conference: Enrolling in a writing course or conference exposes you to others pursuing their dream of writing a book and gives you access to writing tools and processes. Choose one that fits your budget and gives you the skills you need. Check your local Continuing Education office, Community College, or University, and search “Writing Conferences” or “Writing Courses” in your favorite search engine.

Partner with a Writing Coach: A writing coach works with you one-on-one to develop your idea into an outline and then a rough draft of your manuscript. The idea of a coach is to get the benefits of a class customized to your skill set and style. He/She should also offer insight as to developing your idea according to your target audience and genre. Additionally, look for a coach you can develop a good working relationship with; they will be your guide to getting your book written and ready for the publication process so they should be someone you like working with. If you like, we offer this service here at Relevant Pages Press. Click HERE for more information.

Whether you choose to write your book yourself or hire a ghost writer, may you find success in accomplishing your dream of becoming a published author.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT US.

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