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How to Create an Amazon Author Page

It used to be that once an author was published, the publishing company took care of all the marketing. Not anymore. Sure, the big-name writers get a lot of attention and promotion, but the philosophy in the traditional publishing world seems to be the bigger the writer’s platform, the bigger their marketing budget.

Most of us however, are not big-name celebrities or well-known in big circles so our platforms are relatively small which means we get no marketing at all.

Self-published authors face the same dilemma. We put all our efforts and finances into writing and producing our books, which often leave little funds for marketing.

Either way, great books are often overlooked for lack of marketing.

There are many ways to market your book, and we will cover more of them in later posts, but today I want to talk about the amazing value in something that’s absolutely free: The Amazon Author Page.

What is an Amazon Author Page you might ask?

Think of it as a free, customizable website under the massive umbrella of Amazon. This customizable page can be modified to showcase all of your books, includes a biographical section (where you can also include a picture or logo), and even allows you to upload videos and connect to your blog feed. There’s even a button to click that allows you to follow your favorite authors… all of which is marketing gold for the writer who has no budget to market. You can check out mine here:

Here’s how to set one up for yourself:

Visit Author Central ( You will be asked to log in to your Amazon account or create one for yourself.

Set up your Amazon Author Page. Once in Author Central click on Author page and add in the information.

  • Add an image of yourself (or even your logo!) Note: Images need to be a minimum of 300 pixels

  • Add a short Author Bio that’s relevant to who you are and the inspiration behind your book(s)

  • Add your blog feed (If you have one)

  • Add your website URL (If you have one)

  • Add in any speaking events or book signings. You can add a title and description as well as a location and start time.

  • Add any video you have that highlights your book (such as a book trailer) or even a video you create of you talking about your book and the inspiration behind it. Note: these should be 1-2 minutes in length.

  • Once you are finished, review your site for any spelling errors and then click publish or save.

Add your Books. Click the Books tab at the top and then click on the “find my books” button. It will ask for your Title, Author or ISBN. Once you have entered it click the “go” button to search for your title. Once you find it, click the “this is my book” button. It will then be added to your Amazon Author Page. Repeat the process for as many books as you have. Note: If you have multiple version of the same book (Kindle, paperback, hardcover) Amazon will show only one version but will reveal all versions when the title image is clicked.

Once you have your Amazon Author Page all set up, it’s time to use it to promote your books! Simply copy the Author Page URL (Located on the top right of the Author Page) and paste it where you want your future customers to find it. You can:

  • link it on your website

  • share it on your social media profiles

  • add the link in your bio’s on Instagram and LinkedIn

Marketing is tough, but with free resources like this you can begin to build a platform and sell more books, which is what we all want to do, isn't it?

Have a question about your Amazon Author Page? Leave a comment below!

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