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Our Big Idea

When Jennifer and I started working together on Relevant Pages Press we had one idea: To work collaboratively with other authors. We reasoned that working together would improve our writing, build a network of knowledge, and help all of us sell more books.

We had no idea that want we started would take on a life of it's own.

One year ago this past November we huddled together in an Embassy Suites hotel in Franklin Tennessee and put our big idea into action. We were two women with a dream.

(Watch this short video to hear all about us!)

Today, one year later, Relevant Pages Press looks nothing like we ever anticipated. And we couldn't be more thrilled.

In one year we have:

  • Amassed an amazing team of 10 authors and 5 contractors who have collectively published 16 books, 9 of which were this year alone. THAT IS AMAZING!!

  • Partnered with our first intern.

  • Grown our Social Media Marketing opportunities by partnering with a Brand Manager.

  • Hosted two Author Events for our authors to meet their fans and sell their books.

  • Beefed up our website in anticipation of what we have planned for this year.

So, what do we have planned for 2017?

  • Offer Social Media Services to authors who want to build a relevant platform and boost their sales. (Launching Feb of 2017!)

  • Offer Message Development Services for authors who want to build a speaking platform around their books. (Launching Feb of 2017!)

  • Offer 30 Author Contracts to qualified writers who want to turn their dream of becoming a self-published author into a reality.

  • Create a Members-Only RPP Advantage site full of resources and education for our authors. (Launching Feb 2017!)

  • Build a team of Bloggers dedicated creating resources to help writers improve their craft and live abundant lives as writers. (Launching Jan 2017!)

  • Build a team of quality Contractors in the areas of author development, ghost writing, editing, graphic design, marketing and message development.

  • Provide quality education through our blog on both the mechanics of writing as well as addressing the realities of the writing life.

  • Produce our first-ever Anthology (this year's theme is Motherhood). (Contest begins Jan 1, 2017! Sign up to receive our blog post for details!)

  • Host a Christian Writer's Conference in Charleston SC in the fall.

What does this mean for you?

Have questions? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you!

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