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5 Ways to Make your Dream of Becoming an Author a Reality



Dirty bathrooms

Dog-hair-covered floors

Texts from friends, kids, husband

Email in box…

Dogs needing to go out…come in…out…in...





Broken freezer (again?)

What will I make for dinner?

Oh, the daily barrage of distractions. It’s enough to make me crazy sometimes!

Being an authorpreneur is not a life of ease my friends. It takes focus, discipline, and mental space to dream and imagine and write. Unfortunately, I am trying to do all that from inside my home. I have good plans (really, Ido!) but honestly, my days seem to get away from me more often than I’d like.

If you're a writer (or aspiring to become one) I'm sure you can relate.

“Finding” the time to write when there are so many other things swirling around in our lives can often feel overwhelming. If we can just do that one more thing and get caught up on that other thing, we can finally get to writing. Only, that time to write often doesn’t come or, when it does, we are too exhausted to actually do anything about it. That’s no way to build a successful writing career.

I have learned a few things on my writing journey that can help all of us unleash the dream to become a successful authorpreneur.

  1. Admit you're an Authorpreneur. Yes, I write and blog and have published a book, but I never really took it all that seriously. I wanted to be a good writer and speaker and grow my platform, but I wasn’t viewing myself as anything more than a wife and mama who was pursuing this dream on the side. Once I admitted I was, in fact, growing a business using my writing as a product, my perceptions began to shift and my writing has begun to build momentum.

  2. Determine your best Writing Time. I watched a short clip of John Maxwell recently and he said something (loosely paraphrased here) that has greatly affected how I schedule my days: “Stop scheduling things when your brain is at its best. It limits how much you can produce.” The days I stick to this are the most productive in all the areas of my life by far.

  3. Make writing a high priority. If you leave writing until the end of the day/week/month to make sure you get EVERYTHING done first, you won't get any writing done. But, if you put in place times to write FIRST you will find there is plenty of time to do everything else on your to-do list that really needs to be done.

  4. Set up Boundaries on your Time. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day, but it’s what we do with it that makes the difference between a successful authorpreneurial life and an unsuccessful one. After looking over your schedule and determining when you will write don’t let anything take you away from it! Your kids will be fine (barring a real-life emergency), your house will get cleaned (eventually), and the rest of your to-do list will be accomplished. It’s a choice we can make to shut the office (closet) door, turn on the head phones, or even leave the house to write.

  5. Set Mini-Goals. There is nothing more satisfactory than checking things off our to-do lists. So, create a list full of action items you can accomplish. Create actionable items such as: "Read one article about target audience," or "Brainstorm character descriptions," or "Outline what you know about a topic." These are light on time but big on impact: when you take one small step and then another to get started on your writing journey momentum can build.

If you are a writer, what do you do to keep focused on pursuing your dream?

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