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Are You REALLY Ready to Self-Publish?

I've stated many times I'm a true believer in self-publishing and feel it's the absolute future of the publishing industry. While I still feel that way, my opinion has evolved a bit over the last couple of years.

I've spent a ton of time working and talking with authors, both traditionally published, self-published, and authors that just aren't sure what the best route for them will be. Through that, I've learned that self-publishing may be the future of publishing, but maybe not for all authors. And, I'm ready to amend my original statement to one that covers all the savvy authors in this new world of publishing:

Self-publishing isn't, and will NEVER be, for every author.

There is one basic reason for this: self-publishing is more than just writing, it's running an entire business. Like with any business, along with self-publishing your book comes marketing, advertising, accounting, taxes, continuing education, managing contractors, and much, much more. The truth is, all writers may be hard-wired to write, but not all writers are hard-wired to be entrepreneurs. That's why traditional publishing will always remain an attractive option to some authors.

Let's face it, there are some writers who just don't have the desire to learn about self-publishing. They don't want to read all the posts written by or about authors that have done it successfully. And they don't get excited by things like Createspace beginning to offer matte finish. (Don't judge. Some of us were thrilled.)

In fact, (and you may need to sit down for this) some writers just want to write. Shocking, I know. And that's OK.

But for those of you like us, the ones that do have an entrepreneurial bent and want to be CEO of Your Writing, we created Relevant Pages Press. As authors ourselves, we know that going it alone is hard. We've pulled together a group of like-minded writers who want to work as a team. First by sharing resources such as quality editors and cover and layout designers. Then, by marketing and promoting each other's books. We've created a winning business model that has people talking.

So, if you have a genuine interest in building your own business while partnering with other authors to make everyone successful, Relevant Pages Press may be for you!

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