Pat Eardley

Pat Eardley's book, Divine Succession: Where Work and Purpose Intersect will release January 31, 2017.

Pat is the Founder of ShiftHR; is a speaker and thought-leader in the field of Human Resources and Recruitment, with over 20 years of experience as a recruiter, trainer, and executive. Her diverse background of industry experience in retail, telecommunications, hospitality and manufacturing, enables Pat to deliver messages to a broad range of audiences. Pat is on staff for the marriage ministry at her church and is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management, SCORE, Charleston Center for Women, and frequently facilitates career and business workshops.  Pat has written for The Post and Courier, Moxie, and Moultrie News on the topic of human resources and careers.

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Divine Succession: Where Work and Purpose Intersect

 This book is all about stepping out of the place that is familiar and discovering the signs that lead to the road map God gives us all concerning our work and career choices. 

Pat Eardley, Speaker, Mentor, Business Advisor and Founder of Shift HR

"I became a Christian at the age of 18 but that doesn’t mean I’ve spent my adult life perfectly balancing my career and my faith. I’ll be the first to admit at times it’s truly tough to live out your faith in the workplace and use your career to further God’s kingdom. But it is possible when you put God first and trust him with your career decisions.

When I was 28 years old I had the opportunity to take a director level position in which I was managing people who were the same age as my parents. It was a demanding position that quickly taught me I might sometimes have to make decisions other people don’t agree with. I was asked to terminate an employee just because a supervisor didn’t like him. It was a HR violation and I wouldn’t do it. That’s still one of the toughest decisions I had to make, but confirmed that God had put me in this high-level position because he believed I could do it. So I needed to trust his faith in me. That meant putting God first and making Biblically based decisions in the workplace.

It worked. At MCI, I was one of the youngest recruitment managers, bringing in people of 27 different languages to work in a call center. By the time I decided to launch my own business, I became one of the youngest HR consultants in the Charleston area.

With a newfound level of determination and God’s guidance, I’ve been able to align my work with God’s plan and his kingdom. Anything I’ve set my mind to I was able to accomplish because I was obedient. It’s about making that shift toward listening to God’s call on your life and how it aligns with your career."

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Pat Eardley