Kathy Broska

Kathy Broska is a wellness enthusiast, travel buff, mindful bed-maker, and native Missourian with aspirations toward the Colorado mountains. For nearly 30 years, she has served in various corporate and strategic communication roles, most recently as a consultant helping global organizations effectively communicate during leadership transitions, major financial transactions, and mission-critical events.


In deliberate, Kathy makes a leap from speech writer and communication strategist to author. Through lessons learned during an overwhelming season of her consulting career, God ignited her passion to break the pattern of busyness so prevalent in our culture, and ultimately share her experiences in hopes of helping others to do the same.


A self-professed recovering perfectionist, Kathy has learned to refocus on what matters, release what doesn’t, and find restoration in the only thing that truly satisfies: doing life with Jesus. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her closest deliberate Tribe members: her amazing husband Jay and their beloved golden retriever Weaver.


For more information and to connect with the deliberate Tribe, visit www.deliberatetribe.com

deliberate: Overcome the Overwhelm and Reclaim Your Breathing Room

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