Joan Gallagher

Joan Gallagher is the author of Hope Markers: How Hope Marks Your Story and Changes the World (December 2016). She writes and speaks based out of her home in Northeast Ohio. She lives there with her husband Ed of thirty-two years. Their favorite time is spent when they get their family of two sons, Adam, Andy, a daughter, Meagan, son-in-law Zach and granddaughter Daisy all together.

Joan is inspired by the rich stories that all of us have to tell of God’s amazing grace. She blogs regularly at and for Sweet Jesus Ministries


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Your story matters. You matter enough to God that He not only wants to redeem your story but to give you the privilege to be a part of how He redeems others stories. But how does He redeem? How can you recognize when God is moving inside your story? He uses things I like to call Hope Markers.

Hope Markers: How Hope Marks Your Story and Changes The World