August 20, 2018

Many CEOs today are sought after for their invaluable business experience. A book can reach thousands more people than an hour in a coffee shop with someone "picking your brain" ever will.

May 22, 2018

As a business owner, you know it's becoming increasingly difficult to get your message heard these days.

You're doing all the right things: you have a mobile-responsive website with a modern, easy-to-navigate theme, your social media platforms are up-to-date and regular...

May 2, 2017

What is it about hearing that hugely successful people were once just "people with a dream?" I think it has something to do with the fact that they're living proof that dreams can come true, no matter how old you are or how long you've been plugging a...

March 6, 2017

One of my most favorite parts about what I do is meeting interesting people. Almost every day I am either introduced to, or find someone who is killing it in the goals and dreams they have for themselves and their business. I never tire of hearing their stories and usi...

January 22, 2016

Recently, my pastor mentioned he had been struggling with writer's block. He said a friend of his recommended a book to him that had helped him get past it. Being a writer, I am well aquainted with writer's block.  I made a mental note of the title of the book:...

January 18, 2016


      I've stated many times I'm a true believer in self-publishing and feel it's the absolute future of the publishing industry. While I still feel that way, my opinion has evolved a bit over the last couple of years....

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Business owners: Want to Grow Your Business? Publish a Book.

May 22, 2018

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