What to Do B4 Submitting Your Work

Submitting your own writing is difficult. It’s personal and oftentimes revealing. You may have spent countless hours writing and rewriting your work, yet you still worry if the submission is your best. Let’s face it, algebraic and geometrical equations are much easier! Math offers simple formulas, black-and-white processes for figuring out answers. However, the nuances of writing, down to finding just that one perfect word, can all be so very frustrating.


Below is a simple checklist for you to use B4 you submit your work for possible publication. This is certainly not all-inclusive with drinks on the house, but it’s a good start for revisiting your writing and viewing it from many angles. And remember, when you are self-editing you can only focus on one point at a time, so don’t try to do more. Reviewing your work multiple times with a different focal point each time while reading your work out loud are the best keys to success.

  • Review your use of the word ‘that’ and omit those not needed.

  • Will you make your reader laugh, cry or feel something when they’re through?

  • Are your sentences all the same (boring) length, or do they vary?

  • Do you set the ‘story promise’ up front and stick to it throughout the story?

  • Is there a cadence to your writing or is the flow too choppy?

  • Do your characters experience both external and internal conflicts?

  • How often do you use passive voice?

  • Are your characters boring, or quirky, unique, and interesting?

  • How many lame verbs do you use in your story? (i.e. is, was, are, has)

  • Do you have enough white space through your dialogue?

  • And, how many power verbs are there?

  • Do your characters evolve/change?

  • Do you overuse adverbs?  Adjectives?

  • Is your opening engaging?

  • Do you end your paragraphs, sections, and chapters with a zinger?

  • Do you vary the beginnings of your sentences?

Let's make your writing sing! 

Let's make your writing sing! Then you're ready to submit! 

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