Allison Herrin

        Allison Herrin is passionate about ministering to the hearts of women.  She is a self- proclaimed, mistake-makin-mess, learning to live with a heart of reckless abandon.  Coming from a past of sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and more, Allison knows personally what the healing hand of God is like and her desire is to share Him with a hurting and broken world.

       As a single mom for over nine years, she understands the challenges that come with being the only parent.  She loves helping single moms raise healthy families by showing them a loving God that already knows her struggles but is bigger than all of them.

       She is the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Augusta, Georgia. 

Are there events from your past you wish you could change? Do you have a less-than-perfect history that seems to be haunting you? A Heart Abandoned exposes some of the biggest lies women are faced with, and the connections they have to the past. It shows women how to choose a life of freedom, in spite of how horrible the past may have been. Allison, a victim to her own past that held her in bondage, did anything she could to find happiness. Nothing was off limits. She found herself at age 32, after a very hard life, in the midst of a divorce, homeless with three children and paralyzed by the overwhelming sense of worthlessness that had become horribly familiar. She was emotionally numb and spiritually unresponsive. At rock bottom, there was nowhere else to turn except to God. A Heart Abandoned examines how letting go of your past can reclaim your future. You can live in complete freedom knowing that EVERYTHING: past, present and future, is in the capable hands of a loving God.

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Overcome is about just that...overcoming the challenges faced by single moms every single day. Let's face it...being a single mom is kind of like being in a game where you are the only person on your team and you are playing against the all stars; And now, its time to kick butt and take names, in a nice sort of way, but kick butt none the less.

Allison takes you on the journey of how she learned to overcome the hard life of being a single parent and the lessons she picked up along the way.  She teaches you how to be David, when you feel like you are facing Goliath...even if Goliath comes in the form of itty bitty blessings from God! Single Mama, you can and will OVERCOME!


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